Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Such a warm, sunny, busy day!

Today's weather was just beautiful. 81 degrees and sunny, with a light cool breeze, every so often. After my morning chores of feeding, watering, milking, and throwing hay...I settled in for a second cup of coffee. After the husband got up, we discussed today's plan over bacon and egg sandwiches. We started out with the new hog pen. The electric fence we put in didn't seem to be working....so we took it all down, and re-strung it. It is working just fine now! This i know because my neighbor came over..and she couldn't see the orange light on the box, and she leaned in to cover the light, ZAP!!!! LOL I really shouldn't laugh, but she danced like a fairy out there. After the electric fence, I headed to the spring garden. I had to fence it off...the wild rabbits decided they loved Brussels sprouts plants, and ate every one of them. Now the garden is safe from nibbling bunnies. The husband climbed up on the roof and had to unclog the down spouts. The starling's have been trying to nest in there. After cleaning them out he covered them with fencing....no more starlings. Then he had to patch a place in the floor of the chicken coop. It was weak from getting wet last year when the roof leaked. All better now. We came in for some iced tea...and to rest for a bit, then headed out to drag water hoses. Cleaned and filled 5 troughs out at the barn...then drug the 200 ft of water hose back tot he other side of the property where the poultry is...and cleaned and filled the duck pools. We are both worn out after getting the hoses wrapped up..so we took another Tea break...then supper. Meatloaf with bacon on top, mashed potato's and corn.Yummy! I finished the evening chores....got my shower and am now relaxing with coffee....tomorrow is going to be another busy day...moving dirt....literally TONS of it...by hand.

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