Friday, April 5, 2013

Finally...Spring is here!

I just know I am right...I have to be! Spring is here! I saw a BUTTERFLY!! OK, so it was just a white cabbage butterfly...but was a butterfly. *sigh* finally! I worked outside all day....IN SHORTS!! Cleaned and filled the ducks water pools. They were so happy....splashing around...talking...I just love watching happy ducks. Then I had to re-roof one of the smaller huts. Winter was hard on a few of the smaller shelters. As soon as we get warm weather, I will have to paint a few of them as well. After re-roofing the small hut, My neighbor came over, and helped me put up a new pen for a rescue. A rooster. He is beautiful, and I hope I can find him a home soon. He is an Easter Egger. No name yet....I was thinking maybe Ralph. Tomorrow will be a busy day as well. Once the hubby gets home from work, he is going to till the garden for the last time so I can get my peas in the ground before the rain comes. We are going to get rain for 3 days....should give the peas a great start! I noticed the thornless blackberry plants are starting to get green on is the Lilac! Yep, Spring has sprung!

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