Sunday, April 28, 2013

A VERY Adventurous day!

What a day! So, as most of you know, we went to get the pigs today. Remember the New Guinea hogs I was going to get? A friend actually bought them, we brought them here. The Sow is pregnant. Once she delivers, and the piglets are weaned...she will take the litter, I get to keep the breeding a great deal!! She comes over today, hubby had already hooked the horse trailer to his truck...had it waiting for us ready to go. Jennifer and I jumped in the truck, super excited to go on this adventure. Headed to Kentucky!!! We stopped and met up with her daughter Katie. She is without a doubt, the most fun young person to be around. She is in college...and such a sweet young lady....We stopped for lunch and had a great time, laughing and telling stories. The mood was great.....3 women on an adventure. After lunch we headed out...into the hills of telling what we will get into. Laughing, talking, having a great time...we finally find the farm. Now, Jennifer drove our truck, because of my lack of experience in pulling a trailer. :/ She handled it like an old pro. Well...OK, NOT OLD! ( 39 LOL)The man was very nice, and agreed to back the truck up into the spot for us, where it promptly got stuck in the mud! He ended up having to unhook the trailer and hook his tractor to the trailer to get it into position. With a little bit of coaxing..OK, more than a little...we finally got Charlotte and Wilbur loaded. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Once we get the trailer hooked back to the truck we headed out for home. Stopped in the Louisville area to drop Katie off...and we headed home. We are having a grand time...telling stories...chatting...when WHAM!!! We hit a Hugh hole in the road, just at the top of a hill.....this caused the trailer to come loose from the hitch....the safety chains are all that is holding started swerving back and forth, Jennifer is trying to slow the truck, when all of a sudden the chains snap!! It was like slow motion....the trailer shot off to the right, into the grass...up a small embankment....turned and was coming back down the hill towards the came to a rest in a deep ditch, filled with water. By this time Jennifer had the truck in reverse and was backing up...I was jumping from the truck to go check on the pigs...Both are fine. We both got on our phones and called our hubby's to let them know what happened, and a state patrol car pulled up, he came running up to the truck and asked if we were OK. We were just shaken up a bit....and then he asked if HE had caused us to wreck! ?? He was in the other lane, stopped to pick u a large piece of tire from the highway. I assured him he was NOT the cause...I could tell he was so scared. I told him about how we hit this big hole, and he said the SAME thing had happened not too long ago in the SAME SPOT! The hole is so big, and there are NO WARNING SIGNS...another person had lost their trailer because of it. He told us that when we get the report, that we need to file a "Tort" report, and that the state would have to pay for ALL damages to the trailer and truck. One of the axles is slightly bent, there is a Hugh dent in the left side of the trailer, the jack is busted, the lights are shot and both of the safety chains are shot. Jennifer and I are fine, and the pigs are fine. THAT is what matters. AND, thankfully the trailer went into the grassy area, and NOT out into the traffic!!! The tow truck was able to get it out pretty easy...and Jennifer's husband showed up and they were able to get the trailer hooked back to the truck. He drove it to our house. I didn't get any pictures of the pigs..I will get some tomorrow....but this is a picture of the trailer sitting in the ditch, waiting on the tow truck to get us out. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough...once we got Jennifer's husband was backing it up to the hog pen, the truck got stuck in our yard. It took us about 45 minutes to FINALLY get it backed up enough to unload those pigs. What a day!! What an adventure.!!!!! The pigs are happy...and last I check, sleeping. :)

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