Wednesday, April 10, 2013

From 80's to 50's...and lows in the 30's again?

Today was another EPIC day in the garden, and working outside. After morning coffee, chores, and more coffee....I ran out to the garden. I had VOWED to get my beets in the ground TODAY! So....beet seeds in hand...I got busy building rows, marking them with branches and twine, like the peas....and started getting my beets in the soil. GROW BABIES GROW! We are BEET FANATICS here. No, seriously....I hoard them once I get them pickled. I hide them in the if anyone was to look in, they wouldn't see them. This way, we don't have to share! Oh, I know...that sounds mean, but you must understand...we LOVE pickled beets...and I rarely have a "bumper crop" After I get my beets in the ground...We came in for a short break. The noon news was on, and they are saying by Friday, we will have a high in the upper 50's and lows in the 30's! SERIOUSLY!??? I had come up with a plan...hubby always rolls his eyes when I say that. We have these large wooden crates, hubby gets from work. They are pine...some as big as 5 ft x 4 ft...and some as small as 2ft x 3 ft. He gets them when he never knows when you will need a "quick shelter" or a table..... After I set up the table....we got busy taking apart one of the BIG crates..leaving them in panels. See, I have these Irises that my father had given me a few years ago. I planted them out by the the time we had a hog pen out there. Well...the hog pen is no longer there, and now these Irises are just there....out in the open..all alone. They are a beautiful shade of blue...and I don't want them getting trampled down, before they get a chance to bloom. So, MY idea build a little wooden free standing fence..put it behind protect them. Now that the fence is up..I will white wash it...and decorate it a little at a time. I am also thinking I will plant morning glories along the fence...maybe hang a few small pots of flowers on there...I'm not sure..I will have to see what strike me. After we cleaned up that mess..we hauled out the water hoses to clean and fill the 5 troughs out at the barn. We are supposed to get rain later today...I am hoping so. The garden is going to need it after these winds and the 80 degree temp. It is pretty dry out there in the garden. Made a few steaks for supper...with twice baked potato's and yes...pickled beets! Yummmmy! Now I need to go finish chores..check on a momma cat in the barn, she was having her kittens when I last left the barn. Then a hot shower and a bit of TV time with my man.

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