Friday, April 5, 2013

Treasure hunting....sorta.

I'm not sure if you all remember, but last September I think it was,the county was digging out the ditches along the highway. This meant they needed a place to dump all the "dirt". Now, I put parentheses around the word dirt....because it was not ONLY dirt. There are large rocks, tree branches, and just about every imaginable type of trash in those piles. So, the hubby...thinking "we need dirt" told the workers they could dump it here...on my little pristine farm....oh the HORROR!! We have 20 piles of...ditch dirt...each one is from a 10 TON dump truck. Yep, doing the math, there is roughly 200 TONS my FRONT YARD! Now, since this "dirt" is so full of debris, we have to move every bit of it by hand...and I mean...literally, by hand. Shovels, wheel barrows...wagons. *sigh* So yesterday...we started the task. Working slow..being careful not to get cut on whatever might lurk in the piles. I joked with hubby and said... well, we haven't found any gold yet" as I shoved my shovel into the dirt. As I was dumping it into the wagon, something caught my eye. Something sparkled. Thinking it was either a pop can part...or a lid of some type, I grabbed it out of the dirt...and was I ever shocked! THERE'S GOLD IN THEM THERE HILLS!!!! At first I didn't think it was much...probably tin..but when I cleaned it up, WOW! 3 beautiful Emerald's and gold! Hubby laughed at me when I squealed....woohoo! GOLD! We took a short break....laughed about our find...well..HE laughed, I was drooling and dreaming of "hitting the mother load" Back to work...we moved several more wagon loads..when I said..." OK, time to find more gold" He laughed at me and said.." I think you just got lucky with that one. I threw another shovel load into the wagon..and yep...something sparkled!!! I quickly grabbed it up and wiped it off....sweet find!! This one has 3 ruby's in it!! Hubby just shook his head...I was finding more energy than I thought I could ever have! LOL We finished the first pile....10 tons moved in one day...and 2 treasures found. Not a bad day! I told hubby..." you know...we COULD make a flyer with pictures of what we found, and tell everyone to come on out, hunt for treasures with us while helping us move this dirt" He just looked at me and said...."Heck no!" I had to laugh...I think he has visions of hitting the mother load now. Hey, one never knows what might lurk in these ditches....Oh, I know we will never find enough to pay off the farm....but it does make the job a little more fun...thinking the next shovel full just might have a treasure in it! :) 19 piles to go....dreaming of what might be in the next one.

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