Sunday, March 31, 2013 babies.

Well, this year is on a full tilt run! It is already Easter. Where has the last few month's gone!?? Before we know it we will all be complaining about the heat...and humidity...bugs in the gardens...I can't wait! :) Kidding season is over for us....of course, with only 2 doesn't take long. Suzie, our Alpine has 3 kids...Simon,Sierra,Sophie. Abby has one kid...Amos. I really thought she was carrying a litter in there, she was HUGH! Here she is just moments before kidding.... I sat in the barn with her for several hours..hubby was so sweet, he brought me a thermos of coffee..but stayed in the house keeping the wood stove going..He knew once I came in I would need that warmth. These old bones get cold fast! Finally...labor progressed. Welcome to the farm..Amos. She had ONE....just ONE!!!! That HUGENESS only carried ONE!? Happy Birthday to Amos. So kidding is over...on to hatching. The turkeys are starting to lay....won't be long now we will have little pults running amuck! For now I am gathering the encourage them to keep on laying! Time to get those seeds in the dirt and get the garden ready...if the rain will stop....I need to get a fence around the Spring garden to keep the chickens out. Yes, we have 2 garden areas. The spring garden will hold the early planting. Beets...Brussels sprouts...onions...and leafy greens. Today is Easter morning...our son and his wife and kiddo's will be here in a few hours. I just LOVE having the grand babies over. Easter baskets are filled, eggs are colored, the Ham from our spring butcher is resting and ready to go in the oven. I have half of the desserts made, I will get the rest going after chores this morning...fruit tray, veggie tray...and plenty food to eat! We ARE BLESSED!!! I hope everyone has a wonderfully BLESSED Easter....

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