Friday, March 15, 2013

Ever have one of "those days"?

Have you ever had one of "those days" when nothing goes as planned....but turns out better? Yeah, me either...until today. A few days ago I tweaked my knee. Not sure what happened...I was kneeling down in the barn to sit with the baby goats...and as I bent my knee...something ripped in my knee cap. It was really sore for a few days, so I had no plans to work too hard I said...plans. I went out to do the morning feedings...and noticed Abby was a little "moist" in her back end, and swollen. Since her due date is Sunday, it is time to get her in the kidding stall. This meant moving Suzie and her family out. So....I put the sheep in the pasture, closed the barn door...and let Suzie, Simon,Sierra and Sophie out into the sheep's side of the barn, while I cleaned the kidding stall. Moved out all the old bedding, laid in new straw, then grabbed Abby and moved her into the new stall. Now, lets get Suzie and her kids out to the other stall, with the small yard. And, I do mean small. The whole yard is about 6 x 10. Just big enough for everyone to learn about the outside world, and not get separated from momma, and get scared. Well, Suzie was all for going in there...the kids...well...they were too busy pip poppin around...even tho momma was over there calling for them, they were more interested in climbing the new found "mountain" of bedding. I grabbed Simon, carried him over to Suzie...came back, grabbed I put her in the pen, Simon runs, we are going to play this game hu!?? LOL FINALLY I get them all in the new pen...with a yard...dang, a yard with cattle panels for fencing...that the kids can pop right through. *sigh* So I head out and grab some smaller fencing, and set it around the bottom of the panels and get it attached. This will keep them in and safe. Got it all attached...then turned my attention to the old bedding that now needs to be moved out of the barn. Grabbed my trusty pitch fork..and set to work. Now the barn is cleaned, and I stand there marveling at the good job I had done, when out of the corner of my eye, I see one of the sheep standing ON the pile of bedding, next to the fence...looking over the top of the fence. *sigh* this isn't going to work. I have to get that moved.I have a large pile of bedding from the barn, I want to throw into the hog pen, to help cover up some of the mud at least. This way when I put the 2 girls out there, they don't go straight into MUD! I still have to finish working in the hog pen...before I can get the 2 new pigs out there. The last pig destroyed the fence line and made craters in the pasture. So, before I can throw this bedding in there, I had to work on the fence...and fill in the holes. So I set to work. It had to be! I filled in the craters....and started moving the old bedding to the pen. After 3 wagon loads...I was done...I also moved the shelter...and I can tell you, that was NO EASY feat! The shelter is 4 x 4...wooden crate..that was stuck in the clay mud, creating a suction every time I tried to move it. What a job...but it is moved. I was able to get about half of the pen finished. Tomorrow I will finish moving the old bedding into the pen, and I need to put a new roof on the shelter....recheck the fence line...and hope to have the girls out in their pen by Sunday. Yep, I need them out of my garage. Keeping the smell down in there is a LOT of work..and I am over it! LOL Put them pigs to pasture, where they belong! My brother called today, he wanted to come out for the weekend with his daughter. ( she is 4 and Oh Sooooo cute!) So, I wrapped up working outside...ran into town for more groceries. Fried chicken for of my niece's favorite meals. Now I sit here by the fire...hubby is in is passed out in the chair...niece is passed out on the sofa with Caesar next to her. All is well here at Heavens Door Acres....for now. LOL

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