Sunday, March 3, 2013


OK, so yesterday was a long busy day. I got up fully expecting to see Suzie with kids in the barn. Nope. That was OK, as I had planned to move her to a bigger stall before kidding. So, after my morning coffee...I headed to the barn. One of the bigger stalls I had used for storage...I needed to get that cleaned out. Ohhhh boy. Took me almost an hour to move everything out of there...and get it cleaned up and ready for my little Suzie. After all...she needs a better place for kidding, and "she is due" So I was flying through there....Pitching, stacking, cussing, tripping over the many barn cats who think they need to help...(or just be nosy) After I had her moved....fresh bedding...clean water....her feed bucket...fresh she goes...and she abruptly turned heels on me and tried to get out. Oooohhhh, no you DONT! I wrestle her back in...and close the door. I sat with her for a while...brushing her...talking to her, convincing her it is a "better stall for her and the kids" Umm, yeah, she doesn't agree. She wants to be back in her tiny little 6x8 stall. NOT going to happen. This stall is 8x10 and away from any drafts. So, I finish up in the barn, and head to town. I am meeting a guy to get our bacon seeds for this year. 2 little blue butt gilts. They turned out to be a bit younger than I they have to be in the garage brooder for a few weeks. Safe from the cats...and a lot warmer than the barn. I get to the feed store...pick up more straw, some my little girls..and head home. Stopped at the barn to drop the feed and some straw...then to the house to get the "pig brooder" set up. We have been using it for firewood all winter..since we had no babies in there. This meant I had to clean it out before putting these 2 cuties in there. So....after 2o minutes or so...moving straw..I get the girls in there....only to realize they can get over the side! DANG! So, off to the coop I go....I have several of those little fence play yards stacked back there...I use them for chicks in the summer. I grab several pieces...a hand full of nails, and back to the house. Finally I get the pig brooder all set up. The girls are settled in. I am excited having our little bacon bits this early. Since the 2 Alpines are due to kid soon...within a week of each other...we will soon be over loaded with milk. PERFECT for 2 little piggies! :) So....everyone settled in...I directed my attention on this house..oh boy. Seems no matter how hard I try, I can't keep up with the housework! And Summer isn't even here!! Of course, several trips to the barn, checking on Suzie...come on momma....lets see those babies! Nope, nuttin. So, As I was warming back up this morning after a quick early morning trip to the barn...I started thinking...150 days..Hmmmm. I grabbed my calendar... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?? Here I thought Suzie was due on the second....Oh boy, I need to learn to count! March second was only 140 days!! So, She is not DUE until the 12th! All this worrying....fretting...rushing around...and I still have 9 days. *sigh* And...Abby is NOW due on St. Patric's day. At least by then the weather MIGHT warm up a bit. Now I can relax for a few more days....

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