Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kidding season is almost here!

Oh boy. I am so excited! Our "little" Suzie is coming due to kidding! This picture was taken about a week ago. Oh, I know, she doesn't look that big, but, she was bred to a pygmy...and most likely will give is twins again. Since she is so small...I am hoping twins that are on the pygmy size. :) Last year she gave us twins...a buckling and a doeling. The buckling was a bit bigger...probably grew up to be more of the Alpine size. I wish I had kept in contact with their new family...I would love to see them. Suzie's due date is Friday...and I could NOT be more excited! FRESH MILK AGAIN! Oh, yeah, and babies! LOL Sweet little hopping all over babies. Goat kids are one of my favorite springtime babies. So, with her due date almost here, I went out this morning and cleaned her stall, and Abby's stall. Abby is due next week. I pitched....raked, threw..what seemed like a TON of dirty bedding. No, REALLY.....a ton..not a "short ton" which is 2000 pounds....more like a METRIC ton, which is 2240 pounds. It took me 2 hours to get those stalls sparkling clean, and fresh for delivery. And, of course they both thanked me by quickly depositing "goat berries" as soon as I put them in the stalls. I guess that is the goats "seal of approval" But most likely their way of saying "HA HA!" After getting them settled in with fresh hay and fresh water...I sat and watched them both...they seemed pleased, and quickly settled down to chewing cud. ( GROSS if you think about it too long) so I try NOT too! Tomorrow I need to go pick up 3 dogs from the pound, and do a transport to a rescue. I volunteered to do this leg transport.....not too long, only about an hour one way. At least these 3 will be safe and hopefully on to forever homes soon. I just hope Suzie waits for me to get kid! I don't want to miss it. Spring is just around the corner...time to get those seedlings in the dirt, and give them a head start.I planted 54 peach pits last week...hoping they do well...and eventually we have peaches. :) Oh, I know there is a chance..they wont make it, or give me the big juicy peaches I's worth a try, right!? The ducks are laying up a storm...Call ducks trying to set a nest. *sigh* baby ducks are so cute! I can't wait for the turkeys to start laying too! Shouldn't be too long now. I need to get their nest area set up soon. *sigh* it never ends does it? However....I love this farm, and new life in the spring...and really I do not mind the work..most days. will be getting busy here soon...I will try to keep up to date better...and pics will follow I am sure. :)

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