Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring is near...right!???

OK, I don't know how everyone else feels.....but I for one and READY for spring! This winter has been tough for some reason. I don't think it was really too cold, or too snowy...I think because we will get a few days of 40's and 50's, then wake to 20's and snow. My poor brain is having a meltdown! Since it is "that time" get the seeds started for the gardens, maybe I will feel better knowing I am growing SOMETHING. I have peach pits I saved from last years peaches....I have no idea if they will grow...but I am going to give it a try. MY luck, they will ALL grow....all 72 of them! Oh well...peach orchard anyone!?? We DO love peaches...and fattening a pig out on peaches....and...well...just everything peachy! Of course, starting peach trees this way will take 5 years to get fruit, so I am that will make me...older...when they are in fruit..LOL I am up for the challenge. Oh, if they ALL grow, I will be getting rid of a "few" of the seedlings, I am sure. I think this spring I will also cultivate a few of the Persimmon seedlings...and put them in a better location... ie: NOT the goat pen. I didn't get ONE persimmon last fall!! I know a few fat happy goats that got some. Going to try to put in a few more apple trees this spring as well. With the blackberries...grapes...Elderberries...and Mulberries...this should just about round up our fruit needs...Oh, and I have GOT to get in a strawberry bed! How do you keep the critters from tearing up your strawberries!?? I have yet to have luck. I am toying with the idea of Almond trees as well. Anyone have them? Easy? worth it? We DO love Almonds... So we sent that mean old pig off to freezer camp, and we are now enjoying the "fruits of our labor" Yes...ENJOYING it! I picked up the hams and bacon last week...4 HUGH 8 to 10 pound hams!! Then the bacon...Ohhhh, all the bacon....16 pounds of yummy bacon!! Last week I took a package of the spare ribs...let them cook in the crock pot all day, then put them in a pan, topped them with BBQ sauce, and put them in the oven to "crisp up" Made potato salad, and pretended it was summer. I know I for one am REALLY enjoying every mouth full of "mean pig" And...even tho we just got him in the freezer, before you know it, I will be out there securing the pen, and getting ready to "plant bacon seeds" Yes, I am already thinking of how many more we will fatten up. I know...I WILL raise females this year....I am DONE with the mean old males!! And for some seems....almost every time we get a male...and have it castrated...there was a floating testy..and we end up with boar meat. Now, the flavor is just has a little bit of a different smell when cooking. Nothing I can't cover with lots of garlic, or sage....Oh, and because of him being "boar" we could NOT get the lard....THAT broke my heart. ALL THAT FAT, and I couldn't have it!! Nope, I will NOT take a chance on males again. So....I need to get the seedling trays set up...tomato's , peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins....seeds ready to get in the soil and get to growing....and I am ready to be in the soil...sweating and cussing those weeds! LOL At least I wont be worrying about frostbite..and frozen water troughs. *sigh* come on spring!!

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