Thursday, February 7, 2013

What a BEAUTIFUL weather day!

SO, as the title suggests...we had a beautiful weather day. Sunny, and 60!! Oh, I was soaking up some sunshine today...Well, in between chores. After feeding the barn animals....I opened the doors wide to let in the sunshine and fresh air. Standing there, breathing in the barn scents...feeling the sun on my face...all I could do was smile. This set precedence to my day. I moved on to the duck hut...I had 3 Bantam chickens in a smallish brooder with 8 babies....they needed a bigger space, so I set into moving everyone brooders...and couldn't help but I felt the sweat on my brow. Oh, I know in a few months, I will be cursing the heat...but for now..I am loving this warm up, however brief it might be. Cleaned, moved, fed and watered, everyone was settled in and happily exploring their new homes. Now I start off to the Chicken coop. This coop is a bit larger...and stuffed in every pen. I can NOT wait to get the rabbits and pigeons moved back outside. It is a bit early yet...but I am getting itchy about it. I opened all of the pens big doors to their runs...and sat back and watched the chickens scratch about happily in the sunshine. This is why I love living on a farm. I made my way to the garage....where I started tearing into the large pile in the corner. Several people have given me boxes of canning jars over the past few I decided it was time to get in there and get them sorted out. I got through most of them...and I have 13 cases of regular quart jars I am willing to barter off. I have about 10 cases of large mouth quarts for myself, and 30 or 40 cases of pints. There are still several boxes I need to go through...Oh, and I have 2 cases of the old blue quart jars. I use these for my goats milk. I have no idea how many MORE there are out there....but I need to get to them soon. Before I know it...we will be planting the garden, then harvest will be upon us again! Tomorrow we are supposed to get some I will most likely work in the garage again and try to get all of those boxes sorted.

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