Saturday, February 23, 2013

Training a new farm pup..

So, several weeks ago, we picked out a new pup, from the pound. The vet thinks, Golden Retriever....Great Pyrenees mix. At 10 weeks, he weighed 10 pounds... and by 16 weeks, already 20 pounds. When your a pup, every day is a is is getting ready to learn....don't mess with the bird! Nikki the Macaw will call him over to her....she will say...Come here baby...and he a silly pup, then she nips his nose when he gets too close. I have to laugh..hoping he learns soon! LOL Today I took Caesar the pup, out to the barn. First day of training with the barn animals. We head out the door...he is bouncing around excited...going out front with mom is a big deal. As I walked to the barn, an excited pup bouncing around at my laughing at his excitement...then we get about 20 feet from the fence when the sheep saw us coming and came running to the fence. This stopped the pup in is tracks! He FROZE, tail up...then started barking at the sheep. I had to giggle at him...he was a little scared...a little bit wanting to play. So, I FINALLY coaxed him into the pasture....we were met by April..the oldest Ewe....she was NOT impressed by a bouncing pup. She quickly put that pup flat on the ground...trying to smash him into the mud. I chased her off, and Caesar ran between my legs...looking up at me if to say... SAVE ME!! We started to the barn, he stayed right at my heels. Once in the barn, he smelled around a bit....said hello to the cats, who were NOT impressed....I put him on a sit,stay...on the hay...while I passed out feed....and...he stayed!! I was so proud of him. First time out, and he passed! After feeding everyone..we were off to the coops. This time....I was the one who learned. When you are trying to get the chickens IN the NOT take in a pup...who barks and whines at them every time they come in! It was a circus trying to get them all inside. I had to finally bring the pup to the I could finish with the poultry. All in all tho...he did well. Tonight's supper was a roasted chicken with home made stuffing...mashed taters and gravy...Brussels sprouts...and for dessert...home made peach cobbler with a cup of I am stuffed! Tomorrow I will get the peach pits in the soil. I am a little excited to see if they grow. Oh, I know it will take a few years to get peaches...and...I may or may not get "real peaches" since they are not grafted trees...but, it's is worth a try I think. I am getting excited for Spring to come...Springtime on the farm means new life....goat kids due in just under 2 weeks....hoping to have Lambs in July...of course we will have turkey poults, chicks....and probably plenty ducks coming in after Easter. Then the gardens will be setting out new life...fresh hands are itching to get into the dirt. Come on Spring!

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