Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Changes are a coming!

So, every day....I hear or read something about...meat shortages...gas shortages. What a wicked world we live in. Just this morning I read a story about how in the UK, someone was accusing processing plants of putting DOG meat in the ground beef to stretch it. REALLY!?? Ewwwww! So....this got me thinking, maybe it is time to get really down and dirty here on the farm...and get serious about raising our own. And by raising, I mean, breeding so we have meat every year, and not having to worry about trying to find meat to raise here. I have been thinking about raising New guinea hogs for a few years. They are a smaller breed of hog, easy going, hardy. From all I have read on them...they seem to be the perfect hog to raise on pasture. SO, with this being said...I am on the look out for a pair for our little farm. Adding these little pigs to our farm will give us meat, and some income...since they are so hard to come by. We will have our chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs, sheep and goats. Maybe next year...depending on how the pig raising goes...we will be able to add mini cattle. Yep, mini's. They are a lot easier to handle...take less space...and because there are only the 2 of us here...perfect size for the freezer. One more step closer to being self sufficient. We have the gardens..grapes, blackberries, Elderberries,Persimmon trees I need to add a few more apple trees, and this year I am going to be adding peaches.I have 72 peach pits...ready to get into the soil. They have over wintered well..and are currently sitting in the fridge, dampened...begging to get in the soil and get growing. I MUST Oblige them this week...and get my trays set up. I know it will take a few years to get fruit from them, so I will most likely be on the look out for a couple of good started trees. Oh, and I will once more, try a strawberry patch. I have the WORST LUCK with strawberries...and we love them so much! So, with all that said....come on SPRING!! I SO want to get things going here...the sooner the better. Next week I will get the seed trays out and get the garden seeds started. Tomato's, peppers, cucumbers,pumpkins.......i'm sure I am missing something! Who else is getting Spring Fever!??

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