Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Groundhog stew anyone!?

OK, so a few weeks ago....groundhog day....they little furry critter said....spring is on the way. Oh, why do we as humans...with all of today's technology...depend on a furry little creature to tell us the weather? OF COURSE spring is coming....happens every year...about the same time. But we as humans think this little furry...(trying to be nice here) stewable creature...will give us insight to how far off spring is. OK, so...this year...the infamous groundhog said...spring is just around the corner. Yesterday...we got this... PERSONALLY I think that furry little guy is snuggled in his hole....laughing at us. "THAT will teach them to pull me out of my sleep!! Our local weather man said in about 4 or 5 days....we will be back up in the UPPER 50's! This MUST be winter's "last hurrah" Ohhh, I hope so! I don't know about you folks...but I am ready to get my hands in the rich warm soil....watching the chickens scratching around in the dirt...chasing grass hoppers....and swatting flies. Ohhh, the flies....maybe winter isn't too bad after all. I DETEST flies! Did you know, every time a fly lands it throws up?? This "vomit" helps to digest whatever it landed on so the fly can then suck up its dinner. GROSS!!! now to some sad news.... 5 years ago, we took in this little brown Lamb. She is a Shetland ewe. She had been attacked by goats, and they broke her jaw. It never healed quite keeping her fed was a challenge. She didn't have the ability to chew like "normal" sheep. (side to side motion) April became my favorite quite fast. She had the best personality...always wanting head scratches...friendly with every visitor...and her muffled little baaah..because she couldn't open her mouth wide enough to make the usual sounds. Well, our sweet little April finally lost her battle with life. She was 5 years old. RIP little April. This picture was captured by our oldest Son, David...who we lost a few years ago in a tragic drowning accident. I think he captured her personality the best! She was goofy...sweet..and a little bossy at times. I will miss seeing her in the pasture...running up to meet me at the gate, looking in my pockets for treats..and hearing her muffled Baaah. Our little "bacon seeds" are doing quite well. Friendly little piggies...and HUNGRY! SWeeeeeeeeeeeeet! LOVE hungry little pigs. With our goats coming due to kidding...we will have plenty extra milk to help fatten up these little porkers...until we can get them on pasture. ( come on spring )

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