Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring like weather, and farm babies.!

Yes, spring like temperatures. In the UPPER 50's today. I couldn't be happier! Just in time we have spring babies showing up here on the farm. So...we have 2 Alpine goat doe's we bred for March babies. Suzie...who is a great kidder...never needs a hand..very attentive momma, and Abby...who will be a first time kidder here on our farm, but is 6 yrs old...and I was told she always has a hard time kidding. Abby is much wider than Suzie....but she is a bit larger on the bone structure. Suzie had been acting a little off the last few days...not really chowing down on her grains, mostly just nibbling through the day. I was afraid she was coming down yesterday I headed out in the morning to worm her just in case the pregnancy was causing issues. With the off and on warm weather, I truely expect worm issues this year. When I went to the bar, I was greeted by Suzie with soft little Baah's...and these cuties!! TRIPLETS!!!! Go Suzie!! She must have had them in the wee hours. By the time I got out there, they were already dry and pip poppin around. From left to right...a boy and 2 girls. Sooo cute!! Suzie is such a good momma. But now I turn my thoughts to Abby. Abby is a LOT bigger than Suzie was. I had NO IDEA Suzie was carrying 3. She usually has 2 for us. THIS was a pleasant surprise. After I cleaned up her know...the "left overs" YUK!! I moved Suzie and her family into a larger stall. Suzie still wasn't too interested in her grains...but I can understand after giving birth up...I wouldn't have an appetite either. I will keep a close eye on her tho...This worries me a bit. we must watch Abby. She is due on least I am thinking that is her date. Suzie went 4 days either I am off a bit..or she was just "sick" of being pregnant! :) Our "little pup" is growing with leaps and bounds.....oh, the leaps and bounds this puppy can do! I am still not sure what possessed me to get a puppy! We were "comfortable" with our little quiet, peaceful home of geriatrics. Our other 3 dogs are between 10 and 11 years old....the Macaw is 10 yrs old... The inside/outside cat is 13 yrs old....hubby and I are...well...settled. LOL And, insert one over active, bouncy flouncy pup! CHAOS most days....but I love this "little" guy to the ends of the earth! Won't be long now....he will have to learn, he is NOT a lap dog! So, with the weather turning warmer.....I am getting the itch to get my seeds started...tomato's and peppers will be first to get started. Hoping to get them started today, if I can peel myself away from the barn long enough to do it. I hope everyone is having nice weather as well...we sure need it...get outside...enjoy the sunshine if you have it...that's where I will be ALL day today.


  1. Triplets, oh gosh lucky you. We haven't experienced triplets as yet, only twins. But they are sooo lovely!

  2. Thank you Bec. These are our first triplets as well. So far, everyone is doing quite well. One more doe to kid...and she is bigger than Suzie! :)