Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer is reminding us....it is still here.

Yes, it is still summer, you can tell by the sweltering temps! Another day in the 90's. I try to get the morning chores done, and at least ONE big job finished before 11 am. Today was no different. After morning chores I grabbed my handy dandy little hand swing blade and headed to the hills. Well, the hills of dirt in the front yard. The weeds there are easily 8 ft tall...and being wasted just sitting there. So, I decided it was time to start taking them down, for the pigs and goats. After about 2 hours of swinging, stacking and sweating...I was able to get ONE row of it taken down.
I took my blade sharpener out with me to keep a good edge on it...sure made it a lot easier.
Then I got my pitch fork, and loaded it into the bed of my truck....this made it easy taking it to the animals...all at once.
I gave most of it to the Guinea Hogs. They were so excited!
I then took the last of it to the goats. yum yum! But, it was so hot today....I had to keep taking the water hose out there to keep it moist for them..Wilbur laid down in the cool wet weeds. That is one happy pig!
I was able to get one load of green beans canned today too. Then stopped everything to make supper. Just something quick, Spaghetti. After my dinner settles, I will head back out to do the evening chores....Then a much needed cool shower! It looks like it is threatening a little rain...I hope it does! We sure could use it. But, until we do get some relief, I will continue dragging out the water hoses...all 300 ft of them...keeping the animals as cool as possible in this heat. The weather man said we will have 90 degree temps for at LEAST another 8 days. Whew! Yep, summer is going to go out with a bang, for sure!

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