Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WARNING : Fall is coming...

Yep, it's true. Before we know it Autumn will be upon us...the wonderful scents of fall. The changing leaves...the garden giving its last of the harvest...pumpkins...and the trees putting on their colorful coats. Yes, Fall is near. I was walking from the barn the other day, when I came across this little jewel already!
This I took as my first "warning" that time is slipping away fast. It sure is pretty tho...so I just had to get a picture of it. Then, today as I was going into town, I noticed a few more bigger trees are starting to change already. Noooooooooo, I am NOT ready! We haven't even started getting the firewood yet. Oh, boy...I can tell we are going to be doing a mad dash at the last minute. They said on the news this evening, I believe there are 23 days until Fall. 23 days!!! That's just over 3 weeks!! Then the talk went to "winter predictions" Oh boy, I sure hope they are wrong. Seems we might be in for a heavy snow this winter. *sigh* I mean, I LOVE snow...it is so pretty...the land is hushed after a good snow...and everything is clean and fresh...and frozen! Like water troughs....and chicken waterers...which reminds me, I need to get my water bowl heaters out and make sure they are all working properly. I also need to get a load of straw brought in...so when the time comes...I can get fresh deep bedding for everyone. With the coming of fall....brings us to our Farm Festival. Every year, in October, we have a festival out here at the farm. A cookout .. crafts for the kids.. ( this year I think we will make roses from leaves.)
My grandson spent the weekend out here a few weeks ago, and showed these to me on you tube. He wanted my help making some for him mom. They turned out pretty good, and are EASY to make. They have that "fall scent" to them...and are just beautiful. I make wooden pumpkins on sticks and "plant" them in a pumpkin patch for the kids to pick and paint...there is a hay ride...a bouncy house...and finished with smores around the bon fire. So much planning...I need to get busy with that too! So, are you in a panic yet!? Fall is coming!

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