Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Finally a warm up

This winter has been BRUTAL! Not only for us here, many places have suffered the wrath of the "white death" WOW! I know I am ready for spring here. Oh sure.... in a month or so.. we will be complaining about all of the mud and muck then a few months later we will undoubtedly be complaining about the heat and humidity...but for now.. I am dreaming of warmer days. We are headed for a quick warm up here... and with that brings the threat of severe thunderstorms for Thursday. *sigh* That's ok tho...it will NOT be snow! 50's and 60's... for a few days, just a teaser as we will plunge back into the 20's for highs soon after. For today tho, I am going to sit in the sunshine and recharge my internal batteries. Oh, I know I SHOULD be out there cleaning out something.... or shoveling out something but I think I will just pay in the sun with a book for a few hours. Of course, that is after I take care of the morning chores...clean the kitchen... get supper planned out.. bring in more firewood to get dry...and run the sweeper. I hope you all are having a sunny warmish day too... if you are, try to get out there and ENJOY!

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