Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter is ALMOST over, *sigh*

They say winter is almost over....It has been a long, COLD winter so far. More snow than usual, and in places that don't usually get it. Global warming... Hmmmm. We are in for another snow tomorrow. They are calling it a Winter Storm Warning. We are to get 3 to 5 inches. I am not worried....for us here. I DO worry about those who are out of fire wood or propane...or homeless. We really NEED spring. Supposedly we are to get temperatures in the UPPER 60's by next weeks end. I sure am looking forward to it. Those temps will let me get out there and get the barn and coops cleaned out before they start to stink... and not freeze while doing it. My plan is, to clean out under the rabbits, put all of THAT in the wagon, maybe add some of the dirty hay from the sheep and goats waste...cover it with a tarp, and let it do its thing until spring planting. Once all of this thaws will be "mud season" I better start buying Lime I have a good stock pile before hand. Lime helps with the smell. So the other day, after I cleaned out the wood box, I was thinking... " there has to be something I can do with all of these wood "crumbles" from the bottom of the box." I decided to try and make fire starters with toilet paper rolls. Here is how I did it. Take a TP roll and fold closed one end...stuff the wood chips inside, then fold closed the other end. They work great! I am going to make a bunch of these for next year.
The other day I was needing summer so bad... I decided to try to force myself into feeling better with this.....
It sorta worked... we really enjoyed it, even if the strawberries were store bought. The end of February is time to plant those seeds. I am super excited to get them going. Before we know it we will be sitting in the shade of a big tree, enjoying the fresh produce from the garden...the bite of a warm tomato, fresh from the garden...cucumbers by the pounds...fresh greens, and herbs...Ahhhh, summertime...I long for it! But for now...I will carry in a bit more firewood...wrap myself in my lap blanket.. with my big dog at my feet, and dream.

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  1. Add some lint from your dryer to your fire starters. Works even better. :)