Sunday, June 28, 2015

It IS June.......right?

Yesterday, as I slipped my jacket on....I stopped and thought...It IS June...Right? Wearing a jacket in JUNE? Yep, Yesterday we didn't reach 70 degrees. There was a strong breeze most of the day. It reminded me of a fall day, except I worked in the garden pulling weeds. As I worked to fill the dump wagon the second time, I think I finally figured something out. I have wondered, "Why do weeds grow faster than our vegetables?" I think I Have the answer...well, at least an answer that works for me. BECAUSE....we don't want the weeds, they KNOW we are going to pull them, so they have to grow fast and try to get a seed head before we toss them out! HA! So there you have it...." THE ANSWER" This morning as I clutched my coffee close, a shiver crossed these old bones. I looked at the outside thermometer......53 degrees! Dang! Did I MISS SUMMER??? It is supposed to be sunny and 79 today...chance of rain and 78 tomorrow. Actually, there is a chance of rain for the next 8 days. What a soggy summer we are far. I have a feeling that about August, we will be begging for rain. I am trying to find a few more rain barrels to try and catch as much rain water as I can. I have PLENTY little gold fish to put in the barrels to keep the mosquito's from breeding. Time to slip on those jackets and get outside.... Canning season will be upon us before we know it....I hope!

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