Thursday, July 2, 2015

Build an Ark? Growing gills?

Wow, so much rain! When it is not has been hot and humid. Humidity levels between 75% and 95% without rain. Now the temps are in the low to mid 70's...and wet, wet, wet. PERFECT weather for the animals....and humans to get sick. I have been working hard trying to keep everyone least as dry as I can. This weather is why we have raised beds...or raised rows.
So far.... the vegetable gardens are doing OK. However, we really NEED SUNSHINE! I am afraid the grapes will develop Birds Eye Rot. It is a fungal disease that I have fought before. The grapes had it a few years ago, and it took me 2 years to get rid of it. This was going to be the first year they were in full recovery. Now, if we don't get some sunshine soon, I will be battling it again. The rain washed out the soon as we get a few days when I can get in the garden, I am going to try to replant them and the sunflowers. They too were drowned out. *sigh* Another thing I have to get done is moving those pigs. Wow their pen is soupy, and about 6 inches deep! Poor pigs. I NEED to get them turned out into the woods.... SOON! For now, I am going to go wash another load of wet, muddy clothes.... Grrrr.

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