Friday, July 17, 2015

Back to "class" The working class.

So I have been training the last few days, on my new job. Well, sorta. I have been working with another gal that works for the same company that I do but at a different location. Her job duties are a bit more involved, since she has to deal directly with the trainee's, where they are housed. I do not. It's OK tho....I am always willing to learn as much as I can, in every component of the job...just in case I am needed there. Monday I will be at my location....I am a little nervous...but I am sure it will be fine. The garden is still holding water. Everywhere you go outside, you smell this pond type moldy smell. Oh, and the mosquito's!! They are thick as smoke. You have to be careful when you breath in...that you don't take in a lung full of those nasty little buggers. I am going to call the county board of health and see if I can't get them out here to spray for them. I don't normally do that, but it is really bad out here. That is really all that has been going on...starting a new job...slopping in mud...fighting the mosquito's. Looking forward to the weekend, going to my little sisters house in KY for a big family BBQ. It will be good to just relax....

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