Friday, July 31, 2015

Just look at that moon!

Did you get up before the sunrise? If so, did you happen to see that moon? If you were up, then there was no way you could have missed this!
It was so bright, that before sunrise, you didn't need a light out there to see. Tomorrow will be the FULL moon, second one this month, so you know what that means, right? A "Blue Moon" Last night I made sure to lock up the poultry tight. We have always considered the full moon to be a "predators Moon" since the night is lit up so well. This year has been a year of "memorable occurrences" So many Full moons, blue moons, blood moons, the epic rainfalls, the heat....and beautiful sunsets. Here is a evening sky we had the other day. This picture does it no justice. The sky was a beautiful apricot color..and it seemed to glow....everything seemed to have a wash of color on it that evening.
Along with this apricot color miniature rose finally too is an Apricot color....almost salmon color.
So pretty. The weather has finally taken a change for the better. The humidity has let least for now. The temps are still in the low 90's, but bearable. Hopefully now the garden will be able to recover, and produce enough for us to fill the pantry. It's not looking good so far this year. Everything has suffered from all of the rain. All we can do now is hope.

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