Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Feeling my age....uh oh.

Yesterday I had 2 young people come out to volunteer helping me. My goal was to get the pigs fence moved to the east, and into the woods. I needed to give the pigs some "dry land" Well, after 4 hours....working in the mud...thorn bushes and poison ivy....working in the heat and humidity...we were successful. They didn't gain much, maybe 10-15 is a start. Today however....I am feeling it. Oh boy! My aching hands and my tight back reminds me that I am not as young as I want to be. When my alarm went off, as I reached over to turn it off, my muscled moaned and groaned. Come on Folgers, do your magic! This morning, after chores and getting cleaned up, I am headed to day one of training for my new job. I am nervous and excited. It is not a full time, 5 day a week type job. It is more like a 40 to 90 hour a MONTH job. I will be working in the chow hall at our local Military training, I will not be handling food...just checking ID cards and having people sign a sheet of paper next to their name.....2 hours for breakfast, then home, 2 hours for lunch, then home, and 2 hours for dinner, then home. Sounds like a lot of travel time, but it is about 5 minutes from my home. I will still have plenty time to work in the garden and get my canning done, plus this will give us a little extra money for the things we need for winter stocking up. Every little bit helps. The last few days here we have had so much rain! I don't think I have ever seen such a wet July. The garden is NOT happy at all. I just hope the next few days of sunshine will save what is out there....make it spring back to life. I was able to get my order in for our winter Hay. I will have 100 bales delivered and stacked in the top of the barn. Once that is in the barn, I will feel better. I know that since we have had so much rain, the farmers that cut hay, are having problems getting it cut. I hope I have my order in soon enough that I will be able to get it all. I am now on the lookout for a large chest type freezer, one that doesn't work, so I can start stocking it with the grains I will need for winter. I am hoping to be able to stock up at least 3 months of feed for all of the animals. The freezer will help keep the vermin and bugs out of it, and keep it fresh. What a crazy summer we are having here....hoping we can still get the pantry filled...and be ready for what I think is going to be a snowy, cold winter.


  1. You are a very ambitious woman, Deb. Good luck with your new job and I, also, hope the garden can be saved.

  2. Thank you. I am hoping the garden can be saved too....we really need to NOT get any more rain for a least a few weeks.