Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July in Indiana....summer... ?

It IS it IS summer....then why am I sitting here with a blanket on my lap? Today's high was only 68 degrees....rained off and on all day...gloomy...yuk! Today was one of those days where I had to force myself to get up and get going. We need sunshine...a LOT of sunshine! I tried to get into the garden yesterday...not a good idea. I sank in the mud almost past my ankles! Once I got out, and wiped the mud off...I walked around the outside of the garden...over by the green beans...staring at the vines, wishing I could get in there and tame them down a bit. I stared at all of those green tomato's...wishing we had sunshine to turn them red...hoping we get it before they start to rot. Then I walked out to the thicket....where the Elderberries grow. There are so many little clusters of green berries....just starting to turn dark red/purple. I have been watching them closely, so I can hopefully beat the birds to them. Last year, I didn't get ANY! For now... all I can do is make sure I have all of my canning supplies ready to go...check on my lid stash...check jar rims...start wiping down the empty space in the pantry and get it organized....ready for the fresh canned produce. Getting geared up....I am ready to get canning!

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  1. There's so many elderberries this year. All the berries seem to have produced a lot. Might have a very nasty winter.