Saturday, July 25, 2015

Late July....replanting and saving.

What a hard summer we have wise. So much rain...and heat....the humidity has been tough on everyone and everything. Keeping the garden alive has been a challenge. Have I ever told you how much I love a challenge? I do...but this one has been tough. The weeds are the only thing that seems to love this weather. Since I have started a new job, my time in the garden has been limited. The rain has made the rows retain water...and impossible to walk in. Well....the water has receded, the ground is getting more solid, and I am able to walk in the garden without sinking past my ankles. So.....this weekend I am taking on the challenge of saving the garden. Once I get in there and get the weeds out, I am going to lay in the barn least that is the plan. I have been able to get a few tomato's and cucumbers so we have been enjoying main concern is our green beans, Lima beans and Brussels Sprouts. Those are a few of our main vegetables that we are depending on to get us through the winter. Hubby will be tackling the grassy areas this weekend. It will take most of 2 days for him to get the grass mowed. I sit here enjoying my morning coffee....I am making plans as to my course of action. Divide and conquer....that is the plan for this weekend. Wish us luck!

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