Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I want to become a HERMIT!

Wow! This weather is miserable! Low 90's and dew points in the mid to upper 70's Oh, and lets NOT forget the occasional rain shower...just enough to make puddles. *sigh* This morning I went out to do the morning chores...thee is no air moving...it is so still....I can feel a fly's breath! As I walked up to the pig's pen, I noticed part of the electric fence was down. GRRrrrrrrr. This means I had to turn it off...slop around in the muck, and fix it. While I was in there trying to fix the electric wire, sweat dripping in my eyes, I became breakfast for the million's of mosquito's that were hiding in the weeds. Stripping wire, wiping sweat....taping wires, wiping sweat, smacking mosquito's, scratching mosquito bites, swatting at the air...trying not to inhale the thick cloud of mosquito's..one of them makes it's way into my nostril..UGH!!!!! I finally was able to get it fixed and RAN to the plug to get it turned back on, ran to the shop to put up the tools, and RAN to the house, scratching and wiping...swatting and scratching! In the 15 minutes it took me to fix the fence I ended up with 7 bites on my back.....and 6 on my legs. So, yeah, between the lack of air movement, the heat, the humidity and the smoke like swarm of mosquito's.....I think I am going to become a HERMIT! Other than running out to do a welfare check on the animals....refresh their waters....I am staying INSIDE. WHY can't we have 80 degrees with a light breeze, and ONE day a week of a light rain with night tie temps in the mid 60's? Wouldn't that be grand?? I am going to go hit the shower...then see what I can get into INSIDE!

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