Thursday, July 9, 2015

SO MUGGY! Sheering sheep...YUK!

Yesterday's weather was cool...high in the upper 60's...rainy...just like a fall day...but it is JULY! Today, so far the humidity is in the +90% the temp is only 73, but supposed to climb to the upper 70's. After I finished morning feedings...I decided I MUST start shearing the sheep. We only have 3....however, I do NOT have electric I am clipping them by hand. *sigh* I put the halter on one of the big girls, tied her in the stall....and started. Let me tell you....she was NOT happy about it at all. She out weighs me by probably 50 pounds...and is a LOT stronger than I am. It took a lot of name calling...a lot of fidgeting...and even some cussing, but I was able to get her 95% sheared. There was no way I was going to be able to get her legs and belly...*sigh* At one point she jumped up and I nipped her skin... ( that is where the cussing came in) Took me just over an hour but I at least have ONE finished.......for the most part. She HAS to feel better.... Here is a before picture.....
Now...before you think... " Man that is a terrible job" Just remember, I did it alone...and she is NOT going to be in any beauty contests. LOL Here is the after picture....
You can see the little spot where I nipped her....I put salve on it, she will be OK. I can only do one a takes a lot out of, one day soon..I will grab another one..and get her sheared. Covered in Lanolin...sweat...dirt...I am done with the sheep for the day. I thought once I let her out of the stall she would bolt and stay away from me...but nope, she came right back to me for a head scratch. I gave her a treat to let her know, no hard feelings. The sun is trying to come out and this will make it almost unbearable outside, so I am going to get my shower and clean inside where the AC is.....after I take a break....that wore me out!

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