Saturday, October 3, 2015

A crispness in the air....Fall is here.

This is cool outside. Temperatures in the low 40's. Last night it rained quite a the dampness makes it feel even cooler outside. All of the animals seem to be enjoying these temps....however they, like me, are in a wild flurry of busy, preparing for what comes next. W I N T E R We just had our last 5 ricks of firewood delivered...that makes 15 ricks. I am hoping this will be plenty to keep us all toasty warm this winter. I don't know about where you live, but for us here.... the Farmers Almanac is saying "stock up on wood!" Well, ok, not exactly those words...but just look!
This is what they had to say.... "According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the winter of 2015–2016 is looking like a repeat of last winter, at least in terms of temperatures with unseasonably cold conditions over the Atlantic Seaboard, eastern portions of the Great Lakes, and the lower peninsula of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, most of the Tennessee and Mississippi Valley, as well as much of the Gulf Coast. Read more at" Check it out here... So with this in mind...I have made a few changes in the "winter quarters" for the critters. Mainly the poultry. I have moved them into the smaller coop...and I am working on the fenced in yard areas....this should help keep them warmer this winter. At least I am hoping! The smaller coop has lower ceilings so this should help. For the pigs, I am looking for something to make a flap for the front of their huts. Something rugged..and "pig proof" Is there such a product out there? I was thinking if I could find some old stall mats....maybe nail them up and cut them into wide strips. This should help keep the winds out...and the heat in. The trees are starting to show their fall colors...this makes me happy. I really DO love winter.....just not the work it takes to keep all of the animals warm and watered. I just love snow...and baking...and a warm fire. There are still a few things that need "tweaked" before the snow starts flying...However, I am feeling pretty good about where I stand. Firewood stacked in? CHECK Pantry full ? CHECK Hay stacked for winter? CHECK Animal housing winterized? Almost...still need to put the plastic over the windows and get the water trough heaters out and ready. Like I said....just a few more things to finish up....and then I will be able to get into " winter mode" Keeping the wood stove going....baking all of those goodies I have so wanted all summer long, but didn't bake because of the heat...and preparing for the Holiday get together's with friends and family, and catching up on some reading. I miss reading...summer time there is no time to sit idle and read. Are your "winter preps" almost finished? What do YOU do to prepare?

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