Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall......"flying spiders" and letting your inner Ninja come out.

I DO love Fall. I am not a betting person, but if I were, I think it is safe to bet that most people love Autumn...Fall. I mean....what is there to NOT love about it? The days are cooler, no more sweltering temps at 8 am. The humidity is usually a lot more frizzy hair. Yes, one could actually let their hair hang down. The gardens are slowing down...and some things are finished for the season. We can take a collective sigh as we look into the pantry and see those beautiful jars of hard work...row after row of healthy food.
OK, so maybe my pantry is not as organized as I would like it to be, but I know we have been blessed to be able to put food by...for winter. Then, we have the beautiful trees...changing colors...everything goes from lush green to reds and and we walk around the homestead, the crunching of leaves under foot. The cool air...the smells of Autumn. So the other day, with most of my work caught up, I decided to just take a walk around the place, take in the beauty of fall. I put on a light jacket and with a smile on my face I start walking past the garden....letting my mind just wander. Then....... IT happened. My calm stroll turned into something out of a Ninja movie. I walked right into spider webs. I didn't see them...but there I was, covered in spider webs. My arms flailing...grasping at the air, trying to peel the webs from my head and face....jumping around from one foot to the other....spewing words that would most likely make a trucker blush. inner ninja came out. It was me against the "flying" spiders. OK, so I know spiders don't fly, per say....but this time of the year they will climb up onto something high, and spin those little webs, spitting them from their behinds and hoping to catch a breeze to take them off to a " better place" Some days here are almost terrifying as I look out and see all of those webs just floating in the breeze, knowing that each one has a little spider attached to it. Once I calmed down...I look around hoping that no one witnessed this little "dance". Oh, I am sure....somewhere up in the branches..there are 2 little spiders just laughing and laughing. I can imagine the conversation between those googly eyed, 8 legged little creeps. #1 says...." Did you see those moves? I give it an 8" Then #2 replies..."Yes, definitely an 8, you get 2 points for catching that one" Then #1 with it's squeaky little laugh says .. " I didn't know those big old clumsy humans could move like that" Then they both sit there and laugh....and laugh...and laugh. Well, let me tell you little creeps something.... WINTER IS COMING SOON.... The " White Death" will come...and you my little creepy friends...will be NO MORE! BWAHAHAHAHA!! So with my calm mood ripped from my mind...I make my way back to the front porch. I still love Fall...I won't let those little creeps take that away from me...but for now, I will enjoy it from the porch.

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