Saturday, October 17, 2015

Our first hard freeze of the season..... 28 degrees this morning

They warned us...and this time they were right. The weather man said we would have a freeze last night...and we did. Brrrr. It was 28 degrees this morning when I got up. Everything was covered in white. I actually wore gloves while doing morning chores. All of the animals were a little slower getting up and outside....just as I was. I had a fire going in the wood stove and really was not looking forward to stepping out in the, COLD air. It never really warmed up today either. I believe our high was in the mid to upper 50's. Once I got to working, and was out of the wind, I had to take my jacket off....but it didn't take long until I needed to put it back on, that wind was cold! We are supposed to get another hard freeze tonight. I wasn't ready....I still have things in the garden I wanted to bring in. The carrots are fine I am sure....I will pull them tomorrow. The Brussels Sprouts...well..I will see what sort of shape they are in tomorrow. While I was doing the morning chores, I got a call from a friend that lives just across the highway from us. We had talked about going in halves on a calf and raising it to butcher and he was headed to one of the "local" auction houses. He wanted me to ride along, but I had way too much to do, so I told him to pick one out, I trusted his judgement. Well.....he found one...I would like you to meet.... T - Bone.
By next year this time we should be dining on some yummy beef! But....He....Sure....Is.....Cute! I am going to make sure to NOT spend too much time with him....I just know I will get attached. I went over and helped get T-Bone settled in the barn. I just know he is over there bawling. Its sad when you think about it. He is all alone...for now. I have to admit...this is the first cow we have raised....I know it will be hard when the time comes to send him off....for all of us. But, for now...we will love on him a little...feed him well....and hope he puts on weight quickly.

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