Friday, June 14, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy...STOP!

Ever get the feeling you get one thing taken off of your list, only to see there are 4 or 5 more added to it!? Yep, that is Spring/Summer on a farm. Oh, we all complain a little about it, but come on....admit it....we LOVE being busy. Wake up in the morning, get one cup of coffee in ya while you are checking E Mails, and getting dressed....then head out the door to the sounds of waking farm animals....if you are can be out there and wake THEM up once in a while. I am not THAT good! LOL When I walk out the door, there are usually 3 or 4 cats on the step I swear they are trying to trip me. To the left I hear the goats and sheep....Ma'ing and Bah'ing....hollering for me to feed them first. However, I make them wait...and head to the the poultry, rabbits, and our breeder pigs. The Goose sounds the alarm...the duck scramble at the gate wanting out...and the roosters and hens are pacing back and forth...waiting for me to "spring them" As I walk past the turkey pen, Sage our big tom spreads his tail feathers...and "thump" and a wing drag. This is his way of telling me...." don't come near MY girls" As long as it is all just for wrong move, and we will have a turkey dinner! Fill feeders and waters, check the rabbits and pigeons...feed and water the Guinea hogs and give those babies a few scratches...then I am off to the barn. By now the goats are in total melt down. How DARE I make them wait!? LOL Once in the barn, I grab the 4 feed cans and start filling them. I feed the 2 Ewes,the ram and the buck, then the "feeder pigs" and finally Tulip...our senior Pot Belly pig. Then the "hoard of cats" and FINALLY...the 2 milk goats. Boy oh boy are they loudly protesting! Once they are fed and milked and turned back out to pasture....everyone is settled down for the morning. I bring in the milk, strain it and get it in the fridge, THEN I can have a second cup of coffee. Whew! By then it is usually almost 10 am. Saturday will be the same....except...I most likely will NOT get a second cup of coffee. After all of the morning chores are done, I have to drag out the 300 ft of water hoses to the barn...clean and fill the 4 water troughs...then drag it to the other side of the property to clean and fill the 4 pools for the ducks. Once I get the hoses put away, I have to close the gate to the pasture, and take down a section of fence panel...because by by 2 pm, I will have my hay being delivered. 150 bales, fresh cut! My hay guy is the BEST kid ever. He is not only delivering my hay, but stacking it in the top of the barn for me. :)I love this kid. He really was brought up right. God bless his parents! :) After he finishes.....and I get the fence panel put back, and let the girls back in the barn...hubby should be home from work by then. I will try to get a bite to eat, then I need to get my fishing poles and gear all together. Our son and grandson is coming over around 5pm, and we are going fishing. I can't wait. The perfect end to a busy day! I hope we get a few cat fish..I have been wanting some for dinner for a while now. Maybe even get enough to put a few in the freezer!? How will your Saturday go!?? Busy and fruitful I hope.

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