Friday, June 28, 2013

Hobby garden/farm?

I am here to tell you....if ONE more yuppy type, concrete dwelling person...tells me..." I wish I could live your sweet life of hobby farming/gardening..I am going to SCREAM! I mean, seriously...just because we only have about 7 acres...does NOT mean this is not a working farm...a HARD working farm. There is NO time for "hobby's" Well, I take that back, sleep is my "hobby" Since a hobby is described as : an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation So, I is farming or gardening a hobby!? When was the last time you mucked out the barn and said to yourself...."Boy, this is pleasurable and relaxing?" Or when you find yourself wrist deep inside of some animals "hoohoo" trying to deliver a stubborn baby. Are you relaxed yet!?? I was thinking of this today, as I was outside in the garden, pulling weeds that are determined to make your "hobby garden" their home....the sun burning down on my back....sweat dripping into my eyes....fighting off the flies that are trying their best to make a meal of me....then, I realized that the last "weed" I pulled was not a weed, but one of my precious little green bean plants. Some might say it was tears in my eyes...and maybe it was...but I will still was the sweat. :) happened....I ran out of poop! OK, well, I guess I didn't really "run out" I mean, it is a farm..and does a farm really EVER run out of poop? I guess I should say... the mulch/poop I and our grand son had hauled to the garden a few days ago....was just under enough of what I needed. This means I will have to hook up the wagon, and head to the barn to get another pile from the yard out a few.....since I had skipped is getting hot out there...I am tired and hungry...I decided to come down a bit, grab myself a sandwich...turkey and cheese, with light mayo and lettuce. I grabbed a couple cheese sticks..and a snack cake. Yes, I know...mass produced, chemical laden soft sweet chocolaty goodness filled with sinfully great creme filling...might be bad for me...but....I wanted I ate it. Slowly...smiling...ahhhh, yep. That hit the spot! Now that I am "relaxed" I am headed back out to get the wagon hooked up and pursue the pleasure of pitching about 200 pounds of wet, stinky, poopy, I can spread it in my "hobby garden" All you farmers out there....take time to relax...while you are pulling weeds, butchering something,chaseing down that rogue critter that demands to run free...or standing over a hot stove canning your winter foods. Enjoy your's only a "hobby"

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