Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WHAT!?? It's already JUNE!?

Wow, Time sure flies when your having fun...at least that's what I hear...So what we are doing here MUST be fun...right!? Seems just as I think I will get caught up, I fall behind again. Did you know, weeds in your garden grow at a higher rate of speed than a toddler can run away from you in the mall? I think I can hear them growing...this weather has been perfect for things to grow..oh, I can't complain, really... the garden is growing like gangbusters as well. Our potato's are already in full bloom. Time to mulch them up good and let em grow! Right after I pull the weeds around them, and the beets..oh, yep, time to start pulling beets too and get them pickled...then I will pull out the many gallon bags of berries from the freezer of mulberries I have picked in the last week, and get them made into jelly....Just look at how big these Mulberries are this year!! after I clean the kitchen because I didn't have the energy to clean it last night. But, FIRST, I need to finish my coffee...and head out to feed the masses...milk the goats....run water to the pigs..ohhhh, those horribly destructive ever so tasty pigs. They have just about a month left to "party on the farm" We have been building raised beds in the garden that seems to want to flood every spring...almost finished with those...still need to make a garlic bed, and one for greens. *sigh* We have some BIG meat chickens that are ready to go off to freezer camp too....their bags are packed, and they are ready to go...yep, as soon as I find a minute to get THAT done. I hope everyone out there in REAL LAND has been able to find the time to sit back and take a breath under a big shade tree with a tall glass of lemonade...Ohhh, that reminds me, I need to make some lemonade. *walks off mumbling about feeding something, watering something, and where did I put that box of jelly jars?*

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  1. more jelly jars! we all need more jelly jars! i'll put that on my list too... *thud*