Monday, July 1, 2013

Farming and fencing go hand in hand.

So, if you have a farm, you will understand this. Fencing is a daily chore. You are either putting it up, tearing it down, or fixing it. Whether it is 3x3 "farm fence" , chain link, cattle panels or whatever you use...fencing is NOT fun! Sunday we made a special trip to a cousins house in Ohio to attend a surprise Birthday party for my Aunt. It was her 80th. She was very surprised and we all had a great time. We had a great I should have known.. something would be up here at home. When we got home...I headed out to do the evening chores only to find our American Guinea hogs were in the Duck coop...and had eaten almost a full bag of chicken feed. *sigh* This meant that luring them back to their own yard with food....was not going to work. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be..but I can tell you...a 300+ pound boar can!! After getting them settled back in..and realizing they had ripped the electric fence wire, I knew that today was going to be a busy day. So, this morning after chores...and coming back in to finish my coffee...I decided maybe...just maybe...if I gave those pesky pigs a bigger yard, they would want to stay there. Sounds good, right!? So I trudged out there...started going through the pile of chain link fencing...and was able to finally untangle enough to get them a better yard. Now, I am 5 ft tall....the fence is 6 ft tall....there was a thick tangle of wild roses and wild blackberry vines...of course, right where I needed to run the fence. No matter, I was NOT going to let it stop me. It took me 4 hours, but I was able to get it finished myself. (I am pretty proud right now...even IF I can barely move) After getting the electric back up...turned on..I called the pigs over to get them on the grass. Charlotte came as far as the old fence line..and stopped. It took some time to convince them there was not an electric fence there. Finally they walked over into the grassy area...and started grazing. *mission accomplished*
Oh, and when I went to the barn, after getting the pigs back in the yard last night, I heard the faint cry of a kitten. I looked around only to find a small kitten had somehow gotten her leg caught in the fence. She was hanging there, by her leg. I have no idea how long. It took me a few minutes to get her free....her leg was limp and cold, and she was shock I am sure. Poor kitten. I held her while I did the chores...and gave her a bowl of fresh warm goats milk. She happily lapped it up and settled down in the hay. I felt confident that she would be OK. This morning she was no where to be seen. :( I looked everywhere. I am hoping she just went into a dark corner somewhere to heal and rest. I will look for her again tomorrow...and If I find her I will bring her inside. Poor baby. I just hope she is alright. Tomorrow I will be working on cleaning up the mess the pigs left me in the duck coop...and working on the ducks fence. Yep, another fence day...if the rain holds off long enough.


  1. NO end to the homestead excitement, is there ? I just found your blog, and will surely be back. I live in the midwest, south western Illinois, on a little piece of dirt just big enough for gardens and chickens and fruit trees and such. Never a dull moment...

  2. Welcome AKannie. Thank you for reading my little blog. Gardening and chickens are a full time job, throw in a few goats, some sheep, and a few pigs, and things can REALLY get exciting! :)