Sunday, July 7, 2013

Poison Ivy--Oak--Sumac....

So, remember I told you how last Monday I went out, and all by myself, I put up more fencing? The new area I fenced in for the pigs was thick brush...wild roses, wild berry's, trees....and....POISON IVY! Or, Maybe it was poison Oak...or Sumac....whatever it was....It is now covering about 75% of my body. From my knees down, 100% coverage, even in between my toes..and on the bottom of my feet! It is starting to come out on my thighs now. Both of my wrists and the back of both hands...covered...places on both of my arms, and starting up my neck, and face. Tomorrow I am going to Urgent Care...and praying they will give me a shot of SOMETHING to make this itch go away!! My legs are so swollen that my socks are tight! I am seriously wanting to skin myself!! I have swollen blotches all over...and I am miserable! I have gone through a whole bottle of Ivarest...and a whole bottle of spray on Benadryl. I have made it a point to try not to scratch...but I am not in control when I sleep! Next time you go out to "pull weeds" or put up a careful. This strange weather is apparently making this stuff grow CRAZY! I know 2 other people that have had to go get a shot to make it far this year. I have been trying to stay busy, to keep my mind off of it. This weekend my brother and his daughter came to the farm to visit for a few days. My brother lives in town now and truly misses the "farm life" Every time he comes...we get a LOT done here. Saturday we spent 4 hours cleaning the barn. Moving "stuff" upstairs, moving the hay and stalls, and getting the "feed and tack room" back in order. The old barn looks great, there is now room for the Tractor too! Today we spent time in the small garden. Pulled the last of the beets and peas. I canned the peas, even tho there were only 3 pints and weeded it. Once the rain stops...hubby will get in there with the tiller...and I will replant beets. We really could use a week of NO RAIN! There were so many weeds...we took armful after armful to the Guinea hogs. By the time we finished...the pigs were just laying there giving us "the look" Like.."SERIOUSLY!? We just CAN'T eat any more." I hope you all are getting a lot done out there....and if you are, be safe..look out for those poison plants.

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  1. Oh, Deb, you have no idea how sorry I am for you! I know EXACTLY what that is like. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you tons. If there is anything you need me for.... just call. This is Yolanda, by the way.