Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's a cool, cool summer

These last few mornings we have awakened to temps in the high 40's and low 50's. It IS JULY! Wow. Personally I love these temps. However, the garden is not liking it so much. Everything is slow to ripen. By now I should be elbow deep in tomato's and green beans. Nope, so far I have only put up 4 quarts of sauce and 9 pints of green beans.
I am going to go out this morning and pick what is out there before the rain, hoping there is enough to can. At least the potato's are doing quite well, so far. In the small garden I had planted 3 rows, 15 ft long earlier this year. Then I had forgotten to close the gate and the chickens went in and dug in the fresh turned soil. I had thought they tore up ALL of the potatoes, so I put 4 more rows in over at the big garden. Then I realized that 2 rows had survived. Well, I dug those potatoes up last week and yesterday. To my surprise... I harvested about 30 pounds from each 15 ft row! Oh, there are quite a few smaller ones, but we don't mind. We love green beans and taters with bacon and onion.
The other 4 rows I will leave in the ground for a few more weeks. Let em grow!! This little moth was in the chicken coop the other day. I am always amazed at the different patters on various moths and butterflies. Nature is quite amazing some times!
Then last week, I was surprised by this little critter, on the front porch!! I opened the door to see one of the barn cats crouched down ready to pounce... I looked down at my feet to see this sitting about 2 feet from me. We BOTH jumped! I made sure it was able to get back to the woods...this is it's only freebie pass. I am hoping the cats scared it enough to keep it in the woods, and out of the gardens.
As I walked pass the Harbor, I noticed that the grapes are starting to ripen. It won't be long now... delicious Concord grapes. Last year I harvested about a bushel. Looks like this year will be as good if not better. So, with the cool mornings and evenings, I have been thinking more and more about the firewood situation. Last year we went through 15 ricks! It was unseasonably cold last year and I don't pretend to know what this year will be, however time is of the essence. We need to get busy on this project, and FAST! Seems time is slipping away so fast...I need more time in the days here. So with that said, I am headed out the door to get this busy day started. We are expecting rain this afternoon and I have several small projects I would like to get done today. Are you "burning the candle at both ends" this time of year?

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