Friday, July 4, 2014

Sad day on the 4th of July.

So, I headed out this morning to battle the chicken wire...but first.... morning chores... feeding, watering, opening pens and doors. On my way to the barn I stopped to pick an armload of tall weeds for the goats to munch on. As usual... Mini and Lulu met me with screams..... I drug them over to the fence for Abby and Suzie... where is Suzie? She didn't come out of the barn!?? My heart started racing.... I ran through the barn and there she was. In her stall.. with a still born buckling. I grabbed him up and tried to get him to breath...but he was long gone. Poor Suzie. She bawled all day. I had no idea she was even pregnant. She didn't get fat.... didn't bag up... no changes at all! My heart breaks for her. She stands in the corner, calling for her baby. Soft whimpers. I brought her to the stand and milked her out. Didn't get much as she is already trying to get Mastitis. I spent an hour with her this morning, talking to her, brushing her, messaging her bags and trying to get her some relief. Nope, this was not a good 4th. After she calmed down, I headed to my task of getting that chicken wire down. It took me most of the day but I did win that battle. I also took the roof off of the goose house and replaced it with corrugated metal roofing. I stopped several times to go check on Suzie and give her some much needed lovin, so it took me until 4:30. By the time I went out for evening feedings... Suzie was out in the yard. I feel better knowing she should be OK. It feels good to get two more tasks finished. Tomorrow, in between giving Suzie more lovin and messages.... I plan to clean the barn and put that on the garden around the tomato's, and hopefully work on the pigs fence some more. While I was in the garden this afternoon I had noticed a few tomato's that were just about ready to pick. It was hard to not pick them. I want them to ripen on the vine. I can't wait to bite into a warm, fresh tomato! So now I get to sit back and relax....shower done, coffee done, dinner done. *sigh*

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