Friday, July 4, 2014

This IS July..... right??? Yes, a good day for a battle!

I mean... I think it is...yeah, the 4th of July. Then WHY am I sitting here with a blanket wrapped up around me?? Because it is 54 degrees out there, THATS why!! Oh, I am NOT complaining.... trust me! Todays weather::::: Mostly sunny, 75 for a high! 75!! On the 4th of July!! The hubby took off every Friday this month. This means 3 day weekends all month. LOVE it! We will be able to get a few things caught up here..... at least that's the plan! Today, I am tearing out chicken wire. Oh, I am sure I will have my battle scars to show for it. Me and chicken wire go way, way back. I hate it.... it hates me. Oh, there was a time when we were " best of friends" You know, years ago, when we first started this adventure here on Heavens Door Acres. I mean, it is cheap... flexible.. and easy to cut. Who wouldn't like it? I have learned that this stuff is alive... and vengeful. You cut it.... it cuts you! Oh, and that's not bad enough. Once you start cutting it... the battle is on! From then on.. every time you walk near it... it will reach out from several feet and grab a hold of you. It will tangle into your hair, rip your clothing and skin and when predators come lurking around... just for revenge, it will seemingly just open up and let them in. Yes, chicken wire and I go way back.. from friends... to foe's. So today... I am tearing it out. Adios amigo! GONE! I will for sure return from this battle bloody and worn out, but I will be the victor! By the end of the day we will both be lying in a bloody heap I am sure. But I WILL WIN!! BWAHAhahahaha! We will be replacing it with my NEW friend... Welded wire. Take THAT predators!! So I leave you now... I need to prepare for the day. Folgers in my cup, my long denim leg trusty wire cutting pliers...yes.. I am preparing for the battle of the chicken wire! ( wish me luck)

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