Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer is humming along.

It is hard to believe that we are in the middle of July already. Whew! The gardens are coming along pretty good. I picked a few tomato's already...and we had our first helping of fresh green beans the other night. oh boy....they were sooo good! Cucumbers are coming on great as well. I just LOVE fresh cucumbers. And, they couldn't have started coming on at a better time. The last week of July, and the first week of August, I will be working out at MUTC again. Us civilians will be injured from some sort of catastrophe, ie: tornado, dirty bombs etc. We will get wounds and dirt on us... put in areas of the base that have been "blown up" and then "rescued" by the military. We are supposed to "act" the best we can. Crying, screaming for help, begging for water or food or medical assistance. I really enjoy it. However, it will be hot...and we have to walk between 2 to 5 miles, carrying our back packs with our 3 changes of clothes, water shoes, bottles of water and our lunches. The company we work for supplies everything for us. I have to admit, I have been told I am pretty good. I can cry real tears when I need too. The pay isn't much to talk about, however these 8 days of work will pay for my winter hay, propane, getting the dog neutered and maybe a dinner out. I will be taking fresh cucumber slices to munch on while out in the field. I will most likely make a tomato and cucumber salad as well. It will make for some long days... doing chores and milking at 4:30 am so I can be there by 05:30. Then getting home at 6:30 ish and doing evening chores, milking, getting a shower, grabbing a bite to eat and off to bed. We will work 4 days, have a few days off, then work 4 more. This is going to be perfect since the tomato's will be coming ripe as well as the green beans. I will have a few days to get the canning done. Since Suzie lost her kid, she has been acting strange. Oh, I know she was mourning for a bit, but for the last 2 days she has not wanted to eat her feed. She is eating hay...and licking her baking soda...and drinking water. So, today I wormed them. Maybe the stress is causing a worm infestation. Could be the heat. Could be that she has Congested udders. I have been giving her messages of peppermint oil after each milking, and I gave her fresh mint a few times. The one side is all better but the left side is still pretty firm. Hoping I can get it worked out soon. I know it must be painful. My poor gal. The 7 little pigs are doing great. I just love to watch them run around in the pen, and push dirt with those tiny little noses. I haven't had time to work on their pen yet, and now we are getting rain. Much NEEDED rain! I need to keep my nose to the grindstone to keep up with everything here. I can do it... I will just imitate Thomas the Train.... I think I can, I think I can.... then after the growing season is over... I knew I could, I knew I could!!

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