Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Its darned cold!!

Yes, I know, "winter comes every year" But.... this cold is "unseasonably cold" I woke this morning to the furnace going. The sound woke me, since it is propane, it sounds like money burning to me. I slowly got up and got the fire going. It won't be long and the furnace will kick off.... I hope. It is 32 degrees out there. Dang! Mentally, I am not ready. Oh, I have almost everything caught up outside...animals bedding is thick so they are warm, I made sure of it yesterday. But mentally, I am not ready to be stuck inside. We don't have all of the firewood we need yet, so I need to get busy! At least that will give me more reason to be outside. What is on your list to keep your mind busy on those cold dark winter days? I am personally going to work on dehydrated meals. Since I have 3 dehydrators now I can do quite a bit at a time. I am thinking I will work on some "meals in a jar" for Christmas gifts. In between dehydrating and packing jars, I also have quite a bit of wool I need to get cleaned, carded, and spun. That is time consuming, and relaxing. I also need to figure out why I can NOT add pictures to my blog, since this crazy computer downloaded Windows 8... nothing seems to want to work like it used too. *sigh* computers stump me. So, with winter creeping up quickly, time to get that winter list going. Make the list so I can start checking things off of it... do you make a winter list? What keeps your mind busy on these cold winter days?


  1. We just attended a cross country skiing class and it seemed like fun. They definantly know how to stay busy in the winter out here (Washington State). Maybe you could teach some classes through the extension office on farm animals, or spinning wool, or canning or something else you enjoy? Have a great week!

  2. Hey Jen, glad to hear you are enjoying yourself out there, making the most of it. I thought about doing classes, our insurance company thought otherwise.