Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving.... giving thanks.

Yes... Thanksgiving is just about here. In a few more days, people will be getting together and feasting. Many of those people will mindlessly gather, feast, laugh, and share memories. I say "mindlessly" because so many people just do it out of habit. Because of the day that it is. "Turkey day" .... Thanksgiving.... phrases like "gobble till you wobble" or "eat until your eyes pop out" or maybe you hear " they were in a turkey coma" Yes, I have heard these phrases. Thanksgiving has become a day to gather and become Gluttonous. How many families REALLY give thanks.? How many people will pause before filling their plates and reflect on the past year, and speak out loud the things they are thankful for? Well, we do in our home. We will start at one end of the table and one by one go around until each person speaks out loud of at least one thing they are thankful for... then we give thanks to God. THEN... we stuff ourselves mercilessly. There was a time, many years ago, when my husband was in the military, we would open our home to single airmen or two, who had no family to celebrate with, to share our feast. Times have changed... our location has changed. We now live in an area and a time where we are afraid to invite a stranger into our home. It is a sad world we live in. As I sit here making the list of the foods I will prepare for our feast, I am thankful that I CAN prepare them. A lot of the food will come from our homestead.... food we grew and harvested from the sweat of our brow. I am thankful that we live in an area where we can grow and raise our food. Thankful I have the ability, strength, and knowledge of how to do what we do. In the back round the television is on, times are tough all over...some areas erupt in violence over a civil matter. I am thankful that we do not live in a larger city, where violence is prominent. So stop for a moment...reflect on your life....your lifestyle.... what are you thankful for?

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