Thursday, January 24, 2013


So today was another day spent working out in the cold. Yeah, I know...I am just getting over the Pneumonia..maybe I should not be working outside....but I was dressed in layers...and I had help. My wonderful husband was out there with me side by side we turned over all of the water troughs, busted out the many layers of ice, and refilled them all. So, this doesn't sound like such a tough job...right? Well....the water hoses we have put it sorta nice, they are pieces of CRAPOLA! They didn't reach the hubby filled, carried them to me, I dumped, brought the empty to him and so some point I was still beating ice from a few buckets, and he took over the filling. Mainly because as he was beating the ice from the largest of the rubber troughs, he sorta went at it a little overly aggressive...and put a big crack in the trough. My heart sank. These tanks are not cheap! So, that is when I took over the ice breaking, and he took over the filling. After we finished with that, and got all the water hoses put up,about 2 hours of working in the cold, we decided to take a break.Walking back to the house I smiled to myself thinking about how happy I am to NOT have to do "pig chores" Came inside to warm up by the fire, and sucked down a few cups of coffee..then back out we went. By this time it was evening chore time, feeding....watering, bedding. Back to the I dished out the grains, hubby climbed to the top of the barn and started dropping hay bales. I stacked 3 of them and told him that would do for a week or so...but he wanted to drop more. So, I let him! :) I think he dropped and stacked a total of 6 bales. By this time I was finishing up feeding...we pulled the pregnant goats inside for the evening, and headed to the chicken coops. I broke the top layer of ice in the rain barrel and dropped the heater in...hubby got it all plugged in for me. Went inside and started breaking ice in a few of the frozen waterers...and refilled them all. Threw some hay for the bunny's , put the light on the bunny's waterers to try to keep them from freezing overnight. Off to the duck hut, same scenario, break ice, fill, throw hay for nests, then gathered all the eggs and came inside for the night. was SO COLD!! I think we reached 22 degrees today, but the wind was biting through every layer I had on. I sent hubby to the pantry for dinner....he brought up a quart jar of pork. Heated it for BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, made oven fries...and another pot of coffee. We settled in by the fire to spend some time with * the one eyed monster* TV time! My grandpa used to call it that, I sure miss him. The house is now warm and quiet...all the pups are sleeping, Nikki is covered and sleeping...or at least quiet, LOL and the husband is in bed. He started hacking and coughing this evening....I pray he is NOT coming down with the chest cold I started out with. ( Mine went to Pneumonia) Tomorrow we have vowed we WILL tackle this house! With me being laid up for several days, a lot has been let go. Tomorrow will be a flurry of dusting, packing the last of the Christmas boxes to the shop, tackling carpets and bathroom. Hubby goes back to work THEN I will get to rest again.

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