Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just another day on the farn.

Today started out beautiful. The sun was shining...a slight breeze...and fairly warm. I think it was in the low 60's. I dressed quickly, wanting to get outside quickly, as we all know how fast the weather can change. No jacket needed this morning...T shirt and, I loved it! I walked slowly to the barn, enjoying the sunshine. Bo did not greet me at the gate, like I had hoped he would. He was in the barn...just sleeping. He is an older maybe he didn't hear me coming. As I walked in the barn, he got up and followed me to the other side door, where I keep the feed and hay. He stood there patiently waiting for me to finish on that side, the "goat side". After tossing feed for them all, I went back to the "goat side" and got the grooming brush out. Abby and Suzie are used to being brushed after milking. I have not milked in a few weeks now, letting them dry off so their bodies can concentrate on the little ones growing inside. I started with Suzie...she seemed to really enjoy her brushing time. She calmly ate her I brushed and talked to her about her babies to come. How I am so proud of her and how excited I am to meet her little ones. After she finished eating I moved to Abby. Now Abby is a 6 yr old Doe. She knows "what she wants, when she wants it" Yes, she is the "boss of the barn" She definitely rules over Suzie. This is why the two girls had to be separated. Abby would head but Suzie in the sides...and I was afraid she would cause Suzie to lose her babies. So, I settled in to brush Abby. Boy does she enjoy a good brushing.
She has a spot on her shoulder, that reduces her to this...when I am scratching. After chores I ran into town for more hog feed. That boy can EAT! WOW! Took 5 dozen eggs to my husband at work. He had a few requests for eggs....will need anther 5 dozen by next weekend. Come on girls! Don't fail me now! By the time I got home, the clouds had rolled in and the temps started dropping. They are calling for rain snow mix for tomorrow evening. CRAZY weather! Made some baked cheesy potatoes a small steak and pickled beets ( our very own ) for supper. Enjoying the evening now...tomorrow is another busy day.

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