Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nothing much to talk about..just the FLU.

Today I woke up coughing and hacking....fevered...body aches...ears hurting...and a sore throat. YUK. The flu bug has finally found me. Darned you flu bug! Hubby was so nice to let me sleep most of the day, by the wood stove. He was outside for a good part of today, rewiring the horse trailer. All new lights and wiring harness! Whoot! When he finished, I had just woke up, and was feeling much we decided to go to China Buffet for supper. Oh, I know, all the MSG is not healthy food, but it was good, and I didn't have to cook or clean up! Came home, changed back into my comfy pajamas and settled in by the fire coffee by my side. Slowly my fever started creeping back up. 100 degrees. YUK! Now I am sleeping on the love seat in the family room, so as to not spread this to my hubby. Besides....I get to sleep by the fire! :) So..I am going to settle in with my water by my side tonight. Hoping to feel better in the morning.

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