Monday, January 21, 2013

Whoever said the life of a farmer was easy...wasn't a farmer.

So, a few days ago, I thought I was coming down with the flu. I could only have wished. Ended up being Pneumonia. I have been so sick over the weekend...but the farm chores still need done. These are the times when being a farmer really will put you to the test. I was sick Friday through Sunday...well, those were the worst days...and of course, the husband had to work 12 hour shifts. This left the chores on me. Feeding, watering...throwing hay...breaking ice in the troughs all the while with a fever over 100 degrees. Every morning at 9 am, I would trudge out to the the time I finished out there, I would have to come inside, take a short nap before I could get to the chicken coops. Same routine at 5 pm, feed the barn animals, nap, then the chickens. All is well....I made it through. " What doesn't kill us will make us stronger" right!? Oh, and remember I told you all how my husband worked for 4 hours on the horse trailer, getting the wiring done? We have put a LOT of time into this little horse, lights and still need some work, but that can wait. Well, we decided that since the pig had a date for "freezer camp" on Monday, that Saturday he pulled the trailer over to the hog pen, and removed part of the fence, so the pig could get used to going in the trailer. He threw in some hay, made a nice cozy "bed" for that pig...making it inviting. This will make it easy for loading early in the AM...right!? The pig LOVED it. He went right in. Out of the wind, fresh warm bedding... I went out to feed said pig...Sunday evening only to find that that mean old hateful nasty pig had torn the floor up from the trailer!!!! I WAS LIVID! I was burning with fever...throwing up...and really wanted to just get my gun and end it all for that pig then and there. However, I got myself together and did what most "broken" women do....I came inside and just cried. Then, I got angry...thinking how the lack of help....from friends and family...had put me IN this situation after all.Not ONE person offered to help while I was sick, and the few that I actually broke down and asked for help, were "too busy" So, this morning, the husband and I went out to do an assessment on the damage. Luckily the floor is tongue and groove...and went back together fairly easy. We put it all together this morning, loaded that "rotten" pig...and took him to "camp" 260 pounds! With all the "issues" this pig has caused me over the last few months...I believe I will enjoy every bite...more so than any other pig we have raised. I can tell you one lesson I have learned tho...NEVER AGAIN will we raise a winter pig. Nope...I don't care if it is a free pig. If someone gave me a small pig in dead of winter....I would do a whole hog roast. Lesson learned. Next Monday I will pick up the fresh meat, and a big bucket of lard....and in 2 weeks the hams and bacon. Then we will finish off this winter with full tummy's and a LOT less work. I am feeling better already!

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  1. yes you WILL enjoy every bite! i have a buddy who says the mean ones taste the best. hope you get better soon!