Monday, January 28, 2013

Just about at full capacity.

So, we have a few more rescues coming in tomorrow....just a few. One Peking duck, a rooster and 2 hens, and a rabbit. Not too bad. Problem is....this is it! We are a FULL house! I need to work hard at finding a few of these animals good homes...and SOON! In other news....we also have an almost FULL freezer. Yes, today we went to pick up our processed pig. I am one happy old woman..having fresh pork, raised by the freezer. I get people asking me all the time..."How can you do that" meaning raise a pig from it's cute as a bugs ear stage, and send it to slaughter. Well....let me tell you how... Cost of pig. FREE Cost of feed. $70 Cost of Processing $180 So, $250 total cost. Now...the rewards..... 10 Shoulder roast's @ 3 pounds each. 30# 16 packages sausage @ 1 pound each. 16 # 17 packages pork chops @ (about) 2 pounds each. 34# 2 packages spare ribs @ (about) 4# each. 8# 2 packages neck bones @ (about) 2 pounds each 4 # so far, grand total is(roughly)................. 92 # We also had them save us the liver and heart....yummy! We will get the bacon and hams next week...and we are anticipating about 15 pounds of bacon, and 24 pounds of hams. ( we had them cut the hams in half, so we will get 4 hams @ about 6# each) So....approximately 131 pounds of fresh home grown pork... at roughly $1.90 / pound. Not bad I think.This number will of course depend on the size of the Hams, and the amount of bacon we get next week. AND, we know what our pig was fed...goats milk, cracked corn, pasture,hay,pumpkins and some hog pellets.(not much on the commercial feed) Oh, and fruits and vegetable scraps from the kitchen..when there was any. :) I get the "bleeding hearts" telling me I am "mean" and "cold hearted" Well, to them I say....OUR pig was able to run in a in the sunshine...roll in the mud..and enjoy good food and belly rubs. The processed meats in the stores...never see sunshine or feel the wind in their face, until the day they are sent off to processing crammed in a truck. We raised a "happy pig" Chemical and antibiotic a life that a pig should live. So....even tho I would NEVER recommend raising a winter hog....I can say...I am so glad we did.

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