Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baby it's HOT outside!

The weatherman is predicting 5 or 6 days straight in the low to mid 90's. You know what this means don't you? Getting outside as soon as the sun breaks, getting the animals out...and water.... water.... water! Not only for them, but for us as well. Don't forget your gardens... watch for stress. We have just about everything in our gardens mulched well...I just pull a little mulch back and see if there is still moisture in there. If not, I let the hose just run along the ground... easy peasy! With these hot temps though if I can get out early enough to hoe the garden, by noon the sun has cooked the roots of the weeds. YAY! I don't particularly like the heat so I will be spending most of the next few days inside, running out only to do an animal check, freshen waters, then back in the house for me. Freeze some water bottles for those bunnies...make sure they have air. Mine have fans to keep a good breeze on them. The hubby will be happy I am "stuck" inside...I think I will whip up some pork k-bobs for supper tonight. Maybe make a triple berry pie....nice and cold. For now, I need to go scoop up a few of those bantam babies and take them to go meet their new momma. Stay hydrated....and if you can, stay in the AC.

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