Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pig pens and heat.

Oh boy is it HOTSY TOTSY out there! 11 am and already almost 93 degrees.
I have been outside for the last 2 hours.... working on the new pig pen.... Well, not a new pen.. just different fencing. When we got these pigs last year.. it was a sudden thing.. and I had to hurry and put up a fence with whatever we had on hand. It happened to be 8 ft tall chain link fence. A little over kill for pigs... but that's what we had at the time. So, now I am SLOWLY replacing it, with panels. Yesterday I had my neighbor over to help... today I am alone... 2 panels done yesterday.... 2 more today. I had to stop... I was feeling like the Wicked witch of the west after water was thrown on her. Here is what I have done so far. And yes, there is a strand of electric inside along the bottom.
For now, I am taking hints from the critters....staying inside and laying low until it starts to cool down. WATER WATER WATER!!!

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