Friday, June 13, 2014

Full moon.... Friday the 13th... are you Superstitious?

Superstitious ... What a word. Are you?? I for one am not. I believe everything happens for a reason... good or bad. It is all about life's lessons. It is all about how you want to look at it. Stuff happens. That's just how life is. Like today..... I needed to take the "big" dog into the vet to get weighed and get his flea meds. Oh boy. Lesson number one... this boy needs better training!! Lesson number two... he needs to go on more truck rides. This big 61 pound Golden retriever mix, crunched up in a shaking ball of flying fur, ( seriously, it is everywhere in my truck now) on the floor board of my S 10 truck. Drooling...shaking...eyes begging me to stop the "torture" *sigh* Once we got to the vet, he was a perfect angel! Walked in the door like he owned the place. Happy to see everyone...and with a treat, was able to get him on the big scary scale that moved. Picked up his meds...then back to the "wheels of death" Took me a few minutes to get him loaded back up. Once I did, back to the floor board. So I decided to treat him to a hamburger....yeah! That would make him happy....feel that everything is OK. So, I get his burger, and pull over in the parking lot. The smell of it was enough to lure him out of his hiding place...long enough to take the small bites I gave him. Then, started the truck and back to the floor he went. Once we got home, I decided I would take him on a walkabout on the we could talk to the other animals. Well, those big black "evil" pigs stood up! HOW DARE THEY! He jumped back...looked at me like I was crazy.. and hid behind me. I kept sidestepping.. so did he. He was not interested on those pigs at all. Just wanted to get away from them. At least he stayed by my side. That's a good thing....right!?? Then we met the chickens. No interest there... that was good to know. The geese were loud and hissy... he watched with amazement. Now, lets go meet the sheep and goats. When we get to the fence, the Ewe ran up to greet me....or maybe to save me from the "wolf" She did NOT like the dog. He, was afraid of her. We all talked through the fence...he sat by my side as I talked and scratched them both. Time to go IN the pasture. After a few seconds of reassuring him it was OK... and the fact that he saw a cat in there.... he walked in with me. UNFORTUNATELY.... The Ewe, Laura, thought she needed to "protect me from the wolf" She ran up on him, he dashed away... Laura stood by my side... looking up at me as if to say.. " I did good mom, your safe now" Maybe I need to train the sheep instead of the dog! I was able to shoo the ewe back, and get the dog to go meet the goats. They wanted to see him... he wanted nothing to do with them. *sigh* guess I will not be using him for farm work. So the gardens are weeded...and growing great! Green beans are climbing. Tomatoes about the size of chicken eggs...cucumbers are starting to climb... potato's are in full bloom. The house is clean...most of the laundry done...I think after my trip to town with the big dog...I will just take a myself. Maybe put the hammock back up and grab a good book! Yeah, that sounds like a GOOD plan!

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